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Mount Houghton is the unsung hero of the Mt. Rose backcountry. Sitting just 300’ shorter than the area’s namesake peak, Houghton sees few visitors compared to nearby Tamarack and Relay Peaks. This being said, Houghton also offers a more remote feeling than some of the area’s more popular options, without being much further away. Houghton’s most popular descents drop off its south side into the Galena Creek drainage, where open swaths descend through the trees. On this south face, trending skiers left off the summit proper rewards the longest descents. Skiing north or west off the summit, into the Grays Creek drainage, offers solitude and Houghton’s longest descents. With well-planned navigation, dropping into these rocky bowls can create interesting tours linked with Relay’s north side. To reach Houghton, the easiest option is to summit Tamarack Peak, and ski north along its ridgeline until reaching one of Tamarack’s shorter, north facing bowls. Ski down to Galena Creek, and skin up to the saddle between Relay’s radio towers and Houghton. Skiing north off Galena Peaks into the Galena Creek drainage is another way to do some skiing on the way to Houghton, but is a little out of the way compared to Tamarack.

Mount HougtonMount Houghton Chutes and Bowls


Mount Rose, Mount Houghton, Tamarack Peak, and Galena Peaks all use the same parking area. This lot, with room for over 20 cars, is located on Highway 431, 1 mile east of the highway’s summit. This parking area is 15.5 miles west of the 395-431 junction near Reno, and 9 miles east of the 28-431 junction near Incline Village. Keep in mind that on busy weekends this lot will be bustling, but the variety of skiing options spreads everybody out.