With so many locations inside a 20 minute drive from town, South Lake has Tahoe’s easiest access to a wide variety of terrain. If traveling or moving to Tahoe solely based on proximity to amazing backcountry, then this is your spot. The clear king of this region is Mount Tallac. With a dominant role in the South Lake skyline, dramatic vertical rising steeply from the lake, and terrain diversity to make any resort skier cry, Tallac should be first on every backcountry skier’s tick list. A smaller, less popular version of Tallac’s terrain is found in the Echo-Angora area. If looking for a quick powder day option, Waterhouse peak sits just a quarter mile off Highway 89 near Luther Pass. Hiding in the shadows of South Lake’s easier-to-access terrain, Job’s, Job’s Sister and Freel Peaks are Tahoe’s tallest mountains, and provide incredible adventure and scenery with a little extra gumption. Whatever it is you’re looking to ski, South Lake has it.